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Mrs. Haven's Homepage

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Science Fair dates
Please, remember these dates are subject to change according to the things that happen at school, but please use them to plan ahead for longer projects.

All Science fair testing is due on Monday, Febrary 2nd.
Northwestern Science Fair - March 5th
NSU Science Fair - March 26th

Science Fair Form Website



Mrs. Haven's Class Syllabus
1. (1) five subject notebook
2. Pencils - we only use pencil in this classroom
3. Folder for paper or homework
4. (1) three ring binder
5. (1) science fair board ( this may be reused from year to year)
6. book cover - this does not need to be purchased, you can use a paper sack
Make-up work or Late work
If you know that you are going to be absent, you are responsible for getting the missed assignments before you leave this includes athletic events. You will have two day for every day that you miss and after that point the assignments will be considered late and put into ICU.
A lot of the assignment grades in this classroom are taken on a done or not done point system. You will be given a point for each question assigned. The following day the assignment is due and I will check each students work for completion. The remainder of the daily points will be given at the end of each chapter. Your daily work will accumulate to equal as much or more than a test grade. Notebooks are due on the day that you take the test with no exceptions. Anything not in a notebook will be deducted. It is your responsibility to have all requirements in the notebook at the time of a test. If you miss part of the class for a band lesson or other activities you are still responsible to ask for the work missed. I will not just give you the work. You must ask for the work.
Any assignment not done on the day it is due will be placed on the ICU data base and will have to be completed.
Classroom rules:
1. We will follow all rules from the school hand book
2. Golden Rule
3. No bad attitudes
4. clean up after yourself
5. Safety First - follow all safety guidelines that are instructed in the book with each lab and that are given orally. All safety symbols are posted in the classroom for your review.
6. Stay away from things that are not ours. We share the room and need to be respectful of other peoples projects.
7. We will always wear safety goggles during a lab. You are required to put them on and leave them on during the entire lab. After the lab you are required to clean them an put them away properly. I will not clean up after you. You will be given Saturday School points for not properly cleaning up.
8. No food or drinks allowed in the classroom. The first rule of science is put nothing in your mouth. You never know what something is or where it has been in a science room. You should put nothing in your mouth even if it appears to be food We will eat nothing in this classroom. We often use food from year to year in this classroom. No gum.
9. If your behavior becomes unacceptable you will be given a verbal warning. From there you will be given a disciplinary point for Saturday school. The next infraction will be a Saturday school point and you will be asked to leave the classroom. Leaving the classroom to go to the Principal's Office is an automatic two study table points.
Grading Scale
A+ 100
A 99-94
A- 93-90
B+ 88-89
B 84-87
B- 80-83
C+ 78-79
C 74-77
C- 70-73
D+ 68-69
D 64-67
D- 60-63
F 59-0
There is not extra credit given in this class. Almost half of the points that you receive are based on done or not done. There is no reason to not have a passing grade. All you have to do is show up with your work complete.
Please, check this site for first and then feel free to ask questions. I do forget on occasion to post what your assignment was for the day. You are still responsible for the assignment the following day. Please, do not communicate through this site. If you need to contact me, please do it through email or phone. Anything put on this site can be read by anyone in our classroom or their parents. I can also track who and when you put things on this site. Do not put inappropriate things on this wiki or you will be given Saturday school. This is a great tool that we can all use together to help our learning. You will also get to blog to each other on the wiki when you are told on given topics.
I am looking forward to a great year of science. Come ready to learn with a positive attitude and the sky is the limit.
Tamra Haven
887-3467 ext 130



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Remember this board is a little off.  The left side should be problem, hypothesis materials.  The right side should be method, conclusion and then name. 

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